Speciality Coffee Discovery & Tasting session

An even higher quality with a coffee treated with the greatest care from the tree to your cup. Exceptional coffee deserves exceptional attention.

  • Tasting session that make you travel through different coffee tastes:

    Speciality coffees are the higher level of coffee harvesting & processing, where coffee roasters put the extra effort on choosing the right origin, fermentation & then doing a precise roasting in order to elevate the taste & quality of these coffees.

  • They are not “only” made for espresso coffee:

    Speciality coffee has first of all to be tasted in slow extractions. Like Chemex, Aeropress, V60 ... we like to work with omni-roast coffee so that we can also make comparisons with espresso type of coffee.

  • Tasting session : Espresso vs Slow extraction

    We aim to give a complete session, where we will give you a training on how to distinguish both types of extraction, & then let you discover the coffee by doing comparisons, so that you can find your favorite coffee type and extraction.

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