" And they shouted: OTTO!"

After endless debates, diligent research, and in-depth evaluations, the National Espresso Institute in Italy has determined the perfect number for a proper espresso: 8!

8 grams, that's the ideal amount of coffee for a perfect espresso. And that's our daily quest: to offer the best coffee possible.

Indeed, 8 grams of coffee are needed to obtain a perfect espresso. At 8GRAMS, our daily mission is to offer the best coffee possible. Of course, we also have a more "fancy" coffee range for machines such as Dolce Gusto, but our core business is high-quality coffee beans.

Whether you're a big coffee lover or just looking for a little pick-me-up, we have quality products that cater to your tastes and habits. At 8GRAMS, no preference is overlooked.

Our true challenge is to be like those 8 grams: precise, perfectly roasted, and satisfying with every cup. We want your coffee moment to be as enjoyable as possible, and for that, all factors must be, as I repeat like this absolute number, combined. But what are these factors?

Firstly, precise and efficient advice. Next, selecting the best available blends, working with as many artisans as passionate as we are. Finally, we take the time to taste the blends we recommend to ensure they meet your desires. Just like with cars, finding the right coffee requires a "test drive".